To who it may concern, we hereby proclaim that:

We like to shape objects in the most simple and elegant way. Reducing the footprint to its minimal.

We tell stories through product design. We design objects for people. Every object has an environment, a user and a design team. We study carefully what people need and their environment to find a niche in the market and make the products stand out either by their functions or the use of new materials and technologies.

We design tools that address human needs by amplifying human capabilities.

Our objective is to help releasing Cradle to Cradle objects in the future.

We always make a prototype to test and validate our decisions. Can be a paper mockup, carved density foam or the latest 3D print technology.

We have a strong interest in the use of the Algorithm Aided Design in our process. By generating custom patterns and parametric designs, AAD is an important tool in our iteration process allowing us to visualize quickly dozen of designs and patterns which is not possible with regular CAD software.

The use of plastic has to be justified to make sure no other materials can achieve the desired intent. We will prefer the use of metal over plastic.

Product design is about creating a boundary, a frontier, on an infinity of choices. The decisions range from colors, materials, finishes and shapes.

We believe that the future of an Industrial Designer is oriented towards Sustainability and Biomimicry.

© 2020 Kevin Meric