Project details

Client: Winter Light Exhibition 2020 // Ontario Place // Toronto

Product: Passage

Category: Art installation

Project description

PASSAGE was made by Gathering for the Winter Light Exhibition 2020 held at Ontario Place in Toronto in 2020. PASSAGE is a metal structure with octagonal sections connected by a fiber optic lighting system. The middle section being lower, by going through the art installation, people experience a journey of transformation, of change, mimicking the opening of a cocoon to the world.

I was in charge of designing the metal structure. In order to find the right geometry and the total length of fiber optic needed, I built the CAD model with the plugin Grasshopper (Rhino). Using this Algorithm Aided Design program, I was able to visualize and iterate quickly on the design. Once satisfied by the geometry, I transferred my model to Solidworks to finalize the engineering and produce drawings for our metal manufacturer.

Gathering is a Toronto-based art collective. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in design, architecture, photography and programming, Gathering produces new media installations with technological leanings.
Individually and together, Gathering’s work has shown at institutions including the Ontario Science Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Toronto and Ontario Place. Members have also contributed to festivals, events and temporary and permanent public art.

Members of Gathering

Aaron Wong-Ellis, New Media Designer
Anthony Furia, Creative Director
Hugo Flammin, Architect
Isaac Strang, Project Manager
Kevin Meric, Industrial Designer
Nuff, Designer

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