Project details

Client: STRUM

Product: STRUM stand

Category: Furniture

Project description

problem faced : Strum’s business was to collect and analyze data for retailers and then use that data to improve the customer experience. They used tablets located at key locations within retail environments to ask customers feedback on their experience while shopping. Strum was in need of a tablet support stand to achieve their goals. The support stand needed to be adaptable to a wide range of tablets, avoid disconnecting the charging cable, have theft prevention capabilities, and be accessible to all kinds of shoppers.

how and why the problem is solved : We designed three kinds of support : a desk version, a standalone version, and a wall mounted option. With these three options, we were able to implement the tablets anywhere, in any store. The support is in two parts; one is attached to the tablet and has a large range of adjustments to accommodate different sized tablets via sliding and locking mechanisms. The second part attaches the first part to their chosen support area (desk, standalone or wall). We chose cast aluminum side clamps to secure the charging plug and allow the power button and cable to be accessed. We also incorporated a tether so that the tablet can be easily removed and accessible to everyone, from kids to elderly to the disabled. The tether also prevents the tablet from being stolen. A magnet helps the user put back the tablet on the support stand after use.


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