Project details

Client: Winter Station 2020 // Toronto

Product: TILT

Category: Art installation

Project description

TILT was made by Gathering for the WinterStation 2020 competition. TILT explores our sense of balance through visual, physical and spatial components. From the outside, a cube suspended at an angle challenges our expectations. On the inside, visitors can walk along the cube’s angled surfaces, observing equilibrioception. This compound sense engages our eyes, vestibular balance in our ears, and proprioception in our bodies. Tilt is made from aluminum, MDF and fabric.

Gathering is a Toronto-based art collective. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in design, architecture, photography and programming, Gathering produces new media installations with technological leanings.
Individually and together, Gathering’s work has shown at institutions including the Ontario Science Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Toronto and Ontario Place. Members have also contributed to festivals, events and temporary and permanent public art.

Members of Gathering

Hugo Flammin, Architect
Kevin Meric, Industrial Designer
Nuff, Designer

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